1816 Controversy At Dartmouth Between Trustees and President Wheelock

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A Refutation of Sundry Aspersions in the “Vindication” of the Present Trustees of Dartmouth College on the Memory of Their Predecessors by Peyton R. Freeman. Portsmouth, New Hampshire, printed by Beck and Foster, 1816, 32 pages.  In the year preceding this pamphlet, an anonymous pamphlet appeared entitled “Sketches in the History of Dartmouth College,” which attacked both the current Trustees of the College along with the minister of the Congregational Church that President Wheelock attended.  There were several responses published to that attack, including “A Vindication of the Official Conduct of the Trustees of Dartmouth College.”  This work was written in response to that vindication, and dealt with the multi-year problems between the Trustees and President Wheelock.  Front and back pages detached and chipped.  Some toning to pages. Internal contents in good condition.

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