American College Series : Princeton - Varnum Collins [1914 hardcover book]

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Hardcover book, part of the American College Series, titled Princeton by Varnum Lansing Collins. Published by Oxford University Press, 1914, First Edition. Part of a series that included Columbia, Harvard, Wisconsin, Yale and Vassar. Includes eleven illustrations including Proctor Hall, Holder Hall, the Library and Nassau Hall. A detailed history that traces Princeton's roots to its earliest days. Includes a chapter on John Witherspoon as President, the law schools, dressing-gowns, the school's traditions, the chapel, dormitories, scholarships, the club system and much more. 416 pages Illustrated and with a folding map. Includes chapters on the founding of the College of New Jersey, the Colonial Period and transition to the early 20th century. Also includes a history of the curriculum and entrance exams, buildings and equipment and the college seasons. An appendix includes a geographic distribution of alumni as of 1914 and 60% were from just three states: New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Collins was an 1892 graduate of Princeton and served, among other roles, as a reference librarian and professor of French. A well researched and written history. Difficult to find.

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