Antique circa 1900 Eleven Piece Princeton University Coffee Set

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Antique circa 1900 eleven piece Princeton University china coffee set. This spectacular set includes a large (8 1/2 inches tall) coffee pot, a creamer (5 inches tall), a sugar bowl (6 inches tall), four plates (8 inches in diameter) and four sets of cups and saucers (4 3/4 inches in diameter). Each piece has the Princeton University crest hand painted on. The other hand-painted decorations on the china are in the school's colors of orange and black. The detailing of each piece is very well executed and was done by a skilled craftsman.

The set was made by Crescent Utopia Pottery Company and J M & S Co. Priscilla of Trenton, New Jersey and the makers marks are on the bottom of the pieces. Trenton was an early center of pottery and plate manufacturers in the late 19th century. At the turn of the 20th century it was the largest manufacturing hub in the country with over fifty different pottery companies working there. The Crescent Pottery Co. was organized in 1881 by Charles H. Cook and W. S. Hancock, for the manufacture of sanitary earthenware, white granite and C. C. wares. The “Utopia” mark was placed on the under-glaze of decorated dinner ware from 1900 to 1902. The coffee pot has a "J M & S Co. Priscilla" mark on it. This was made by John Moses and Sons. In 1863, John Moses founded the Glasgow Pottery in Trenton. Over the years, the firm used many different marks on its wares. This particular mark was used between 1901 and 1905. 

This set was purchased from a family whose matriarch went to Princeton and the family lived in the Princeton/Trenton area.

Condition: overall the set is in very good shape, particularly for pieces that are over 120 years old. The coffee pot, creamer, and sugar bowl have no visible problems, the plates have some crazing and some darker black areas in various spots as seen in the images, the cups are in very good condition. Three of the saucers are also very good with one having some minor soiling. 

A very rare, spectacular set that would look great as a display piece.

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