Army v. Navy Football Program 1950 - Vince Lombardi

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Army v. Navy Football Program 1950 in very good condition. A large program, with 176 pages. The program is illustrated by Gib Crockett, a sports cartoonist for the Washington Evening Star. He illustrated Army-Navy covers for over forty years (1944-1984). Mr. Crockett often used relatives, friends, and acquaintances as models for the individuals portrayed on the program covers.

This cover shows a 1950s housewife in her apron arguing with her husband who is watching the Army-Navy game on TV with a little kid crying in the background because he wants to watch something else on TV. There is an absolutely fantastic full page cartoon illustration done by Rube Goldberg on the last page of the program. The program has a nice picture of future Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi, who was a backfield coach for West Point.

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