California's Memorial Stadium (Berkeley)

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Booklet for California's Memorial Stadium at the University of California, Berkeley which includes architectural renderings of the proposed stadium, letters from Stadium committee members, the architectural plan, financial plan, and photo illustrations of athletes from California. 26 page softcover with a gold tie string. In very good condition. The illustrations are of a very high quality. 

Undated, but likely 1921 or 1922 based on the contents, which is 2-3 years before the stadium opened in 1924. Part of the reason the booklet was issued was to garner money to build the stadium by selling future seats. For every $100 given the subscriber could use it to purchase $100 in tickets once the stadium was built. And as a further enticement to prospective fans, anyone who subscribed would get preferential access to Stanford v. Cal games for 10 years!