Columbia v. Navy Football Program 1951 - Lou Gehrig

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Navy v. Columbia Football Program 1951. Beautiful cover illustration of Emperor Luigi I standing on a balcony cheering on the Columbia mascot to attack a Navy player. The illustration was done by Willard Mullin a famous sports cartoonist and his nickname was the “Dean of Sports Cartooning”. His works have appeared in the Saturday Evening Post, and Time and Life magazines. He was the creator of the Brooklyn ‘bum’, his cartoon depiction of the Dodger players of that era. 44 pages, includes pictures of players from both teams, period ads and articles about Columbia and Navy. Picture of Dwight Eisenhower in the program as President of Columbia. Also a full page picture of Lou Little, the legendary Columbia Coach. A nice picture of Lou Gehrig wearing his Columbia baseball uniform is also in the program with an article accompanying it written by one of his former classmates and a writer for the New York Times, Lincoln Werden. Program has small wrinkles from age, otherwise in very good condition.

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