Cornell v. Penn Football Program 1924

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Cornell v. Penn Football Program 1924, game played at Franklin Field in very good condition. 64 pages, includes pictures of players from both teams, period advertisements and articles about Penn and Cornell athletics. The spectacular Art Deco cover is one of the most beautiful to ever adorn a Cornell-Penn program and was done by Robert Foster. Cornell-Penn games date back to 1893 and were played every year in Philadelphia which has better and more predictable weather that time of year than in Ithaca. They played the game 68 consecutive times in Philadelphia. Since the 1970s game have been held at both Ithaca and Philadelphia. Penn's rivalry with Cornell is the fifth most played college football rivalry of all time. The period ads in the program include the Evening Bulletin newspaper, Stetson Hats, the Girard Trust Company, and Newton Coal, which proudly announces that the University of Pennsylvania and all its buildings use Newton's Coal! The middle of the program has a 16 page pictorial section with images from the 1924 Penn Relay, Cornell's crew team, baseball team and track team and images from both campuses. A really spectacular and rare program, especially in this condition!

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