Cornell v. Penn Football Program 1926

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Cornell v. Penn Football Program 1926. Cornell v. Penn is one of the oldest rivalries in football, with their first game played in 1893. This game was played on Thanksgiving Day at Franklin Field, as was the tradition as the weather at Cornell was not as predictable. One of the memorable plays in the rivalries history occurred at the 1926 game, the famed "hidden ball" play. While Cornell led 10-0 Jesse Douglas, a fleet halfback was put into the game one play before "the roof caved in". As the Pennsylvania backs all pretended to have the ball, the Cornell team followed Douglas while Al Wascalonis raced 66 yards to score without being touched. The game ended in a 10-10 tie. The program cover by Robert Foster is one of the best ever done for the Cornell-Penn rivalry and features a carriage drawn by prancing white horses. The program is 80 pages and includes a nice article titled "Fifty Years of College Football" which details Penn football history and has individual pictures of the players on the first Penn team from 1876. The center section of the program is a 16 page "Pictorial Section" that features player pictures and a view of the Penn campus from an airplane taken in 1926. The program is in very good condition. A fabulous program.

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