Cornell v. Penn Football Program 1933

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Cornell v. Penn Football Program 1933 in good condition. This game was played on Thanksgiving Day at Franklin Field, as was the tradition, as the weather at Cornell was not as predictable. Cornell and Penn have played the game in Philadelphia 68 consecutive times. Since 1964 games have been held at both Ithaca and Philadelphia. Penn's rivalry with Cornell is the fifth most played college football rivalry of all time. Their first game was in 1893 and they have played every year since, except in 1918. Since 1995, the winner of the Cornell-Penn football game has been awarded the Trustees' Cup. 60 page program with an unmarked internal scorecard. Nice black and white photos of Franklin Field and players from both teams in action poses. Great vintage ads including Electrolux Gas Refrigerator, Sears Roebuck and Stetson hats. Beautiful cover design by Robert Foster of an Art Deco era women holding a turkey on her outstretched hand.

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