Harvard v. Yale Football Program 1914

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Harvard v. Yale Football Program 1914. Program was folded in half at one time, otherwise in good condition, one of the interior pages separated from the staples. Official Souvenir Book, game at the Yale Bowl, Saturday November 21st, 1914, published by the Yale University Athletic Association, full of great ads and information. The fantastic cover, done by J.D. Whiting shows Harvard and Yale leather heads in action against each other. The cover has vibrant colors and depicts the brand new Yale Bowl in the background. This was the opening game at the Yale Bowl and is thus quite a historic program. The program features a picture of each player standing individually and a full page for the Yale captain: Talbott. Contains fantastic period advertisements including for a vintage early automobile, a Lancia. Includes a description of the brand new Yale Bowl and describes it as "the largest of the modern amphitheaters." There are also two full page panoramic pictures of the Yale Bowl: one showing it in the process of being constructed and the other complete. The program includes pages containing the Harvard and Yale Songs. A full page picture of the newly completed Yale Club Building in NYC, standing alone in the neighborhood towering over other small buildings. A rare and truly spectacular program!

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