Miraculously Builded in Our Hearts : A Dartmouth Reader

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Miraculously Builded in Our Hearts : A Dartmouth Reader, edited by Edward Connery Lathem and David M. Shribman. 408 pages. Published by Dartmouth College, 1999. An anthology of writings about Dartmouth featuring over seventy-five different chapters, each of which is its own article/essay.

From "Dartmouth Hall Burns," "The Beginnings of Dr. Seuss: Conversation with Theodore S. Geisel," Earl Blaik's "Football in the 1930s," Charles Widmayer's "Providing a New Library," C. Everett Koop's "On Falling in Love at Dartmouth," Ray Nash's "World War II on Hanover Plain," John Sloan Dickey's "Joyful Spirit," Corey Ford's "My Dog Likes It Here," John Kemeny's "Computers at Dartmouth," Steven Tozer's "Parkhurst Hall Take-over," and Wally Ford's "Black Student at Dartmouth," to Regina Barreca's "Mater Dearest" and Ricardo Worl's "Tlingit Brother of Alpha Chi," and more, it's all here