Playboy Magazine - Women of the Ivy League - 1986

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Playboy Magazine - Women of the Ivy League.  October 1986 in very good condition. Sharon Kaye on the cover. Playmate of the Month is Katherine Hushaw. Features include interviews of Phil Collins and Jim McMahon, a pictorial of Wendy O. Williams, and Women of the Ivy League Revisited with Sarah Miller, Renee Galka, Veronica Smith, Jocelyn Morin, Maryanne Newton, Natasha King, Belle Aviva Dardik, Debbie Sarlls, Deborah Gubb, Jennifer O'Kieffe, Jacqueline Varoli, Laura Wheeler, Tara Frayne, Kimberly Sever, Ashley Benet, Patricia Niewisch, Kathleen Gallinger, Kelsey Blake, Alexandra Wild, Lisa Ryan, Amanda Hanson and Tanya Pavlova.

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