Regatta Souvenir - Intercollegiate Boat Races, 1899 - Cornell, Ithaca

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Regatta Souvenir - Intercollegiate Boat Races, 1899 - Cornell, Ithaca. 10 page softcover, with pictures of the Cornell campus, Ithaca Falls, the boat house and Cayuga Lake. Lists the players from both Cornell and Penn and has pictures of the dapper captains from each team. The race was against the University of Pennsylvania. Fold-out softcover program lists the competitors of each team and other items of note including special trains for the event and recommended local hotels. The program is in good condition, however, it was pasted into a scrapbook at one time so the rear cover and last internal page have some paper loss where it was detached (see image). On the other hand, if it weren't pasted into a student's century old scrapbook it likely would have been lost long ago. A nice image of the Cornell crew rowing on the cover. Rare.

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