Stanford Student Handbook 1911

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Stanford Student Handbook 1911 in very good condition. 116 pages. Includes student songs and cheers for sporting events, a calendar, information about the campus and buildings, advertisements from local businesses, a list of student organization, fraternities and sororities, and more. Has a local vocabulary section. "The Bawl-Out" is a little book issued by the business office each semester in which you can find out what the other fellow has to show for his previous semsester's work.  A "Queener" is one who simply looks at the co-eds. "Rough-Necks" is a term applied by those students to themselves who know how college men should act, look and dress, but who fight off culture and refinement.

Presented by the local Y.M.C.A. The association runs receptions and Jolly-Ups, "The social committee and the Association tries to give every man of the University some social life. This is done through receptions, jolly-ups and parties. The social committee plans men's jolly-ups during the year and affords an opportunity to promote good fellowship and show the jolly side of student life. Men having any ability in connection with entertainments, singing, music, minstrels, wrestling, etc. should not be backward about making it know to the social committee."

A great look back at early life at Stanford!