"The Tiger Smiles" Triangle Club Program, 1930 - featuring Jimmy Stewart

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The Tiger Smiles program, 1930, presented by the Triangle Club of Princeton University. The 70 page program is in good condition and features an image of Nassau Hall and the school's mascot, the tiger, on the front cover. It contains the lyrics and verse for the play. It also gives credit to each of the student artists for their contributions to the program, ie, lyrics written by, costumes designed by, etc. The third page of the program lists the cast of characters for the show in order of appearance. Among those listed is James M. Stewart '32, otherwise known as Jimmy Stewart. Stewart attended Princeton and graduated in 1932, with honors. Stewart sang multiple parts in the musical in both acts one and two, singing a total of six times. Princeton didn't admit women until 1969 so the female parts in the musical were performed by males, although Stewart played "Bruce Pelham, a senior."

Jimmy Stewart entered Princeton as a Civil Engineering major (he wanted to be an architect) and was a "legacy" admission since his father also attended Princeton, graduating in 1898. He was active in the Triangle Club, a theater troupe founded in 1891. Stewart also served as Princeton's head cheerleader during his junior year.

Programs from Jimmy Stewart's Princeton days are rare!

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