Vintage Original Stanford University Street Sign - Palo Road

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Original Stanford University Vintage medal street sign. The sign measures 24 inches by 6 inches and is for "Palo Road" The sign was acquired when the university swapped out all its street signs 30+ years ago. It is a unique and rare item. Condition is as you would expect for a vintage street sign with usual wear and a bit of rust but in great shape overall. Not a reproduction. The name of the street is in raised black lettering. Palo Road connects Palm Drive to Hoover Pavilion.

According to Richard W. Cottle's 2005 work produced for the University titled, Stanford Street Names, the street name comes from the Spanish for "stick." It is not far from the famous redwood tree, El Palo Alto, that inspired the name of Leland Stanford's Palo Alto Farm, and later, of the city of Palo Alto.

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