Women of the Ivy League

3rd Jul 2020

When Playboy printed its magazine they did a series of issues dedicated to the "Women of the Ivy League." This is not our subject today, but instead it is early imagery of young collegiate age females … Read More

Stanford University Street Names

22nd May 2020

We just acquired a lot of old Stanford street signs and became interested in the origin of many of the names. Stanford's campus took its street names from a variety of sources including early Spanish … Read More

The Earliest Ivy League Football Programs

7th Mar 2020

We know the first game between ivy league schools when when Columbia met Yale on November 16, 1872 at Hamilton Park near New Haven, Connecticut.As far as the first program printed for a football game, … Read More

Harvard Yale Intercollegiate Boat Races 1901

7th Mar 2020

We have a fabulous new addition to our store, a spectacular original program from the Harvard-Yale intercollegiate boat rates held June 27, 1901 in New London CT. Super pictures, as seen below of the … Read More

The Oldest Known Football Program?

7th Mar 2020

Thanks to one of our readers, this program was brought to our attention recently. Auctioned off in May 2007 for almost $24,000. The description below is from the Heritage Galleries sale catalog.It is … Read More