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Wedgwood Plates for various universities were made by Josiah Wedgwood and Sons, Ltd. in Staffordshire England. Although Wedgwood still produces plates, they no longer produce sets for universities. Below is a summary of the plates they produced for some Ivy League schools and some other well known schools:

Yale Wedgwood Plates

Wedgwood issued Yale plate sets in 1930, 1932, 1934, 1942, 1949 and 1959. The design was done by Edwin L. Taylor who was a professor at the Yale School of Fine Arts. The also issued a Yale set that included dinner plates, bread and butter plates, platters, bouillon cups and saucers, tea plates, tea cups and saucers, a teapot, sugar bowl and a cream pitcher, in 1934.

Cornell Wedgwood Plates

Wedgwood produced a beautiful set of dinner plates based on Cornell University in 1933. The plates featured a dozen scenes from the Cornell Campus including “The Crescent” as they called it, now known as Schoellkopf Field. Other buildings on campus that were included in the series were: Sage Chapel, the War Memorial, Balch Halls, Baker Laboratory, Willard Straight Hall, Sibley Dome, McGraw Hall, Myron Taylor Hall and Goldwin Smith Hall as well as a plate of Ezra Cornell.

Princeton Wedgwood Plates

Wedgwood produced a dozen plates for Princeton University in 1930 and they include Nassau Hall, The Chapel, McCosh Walk, Cuyler Hall, Clio and Whig Halls, Stanhope Hall, Graduate College Tower, Tiger Gateway and Little Tower, Holder Hall, Blair Tower and Witherspoon Hall.

Dartmouth College Wedgwood Plates

The English plate maker Wedgwood issued a set of commemorative plates for Dartmouth College when it celebrated its bicentennial in 1969. The plates were originally sold at Campion’s, a long-time retailer in Hanover, New Hampshire. The Dartmouth Wedgwood plates are difficult to find. Dartmouth also had plates issued by Spode, which include various campus scenes.

Harvard University Wedgwood Plates

 Wedgwood produced a series of twelve plates for Harvard University in 1927, the first of many such sets produced by Wedgwood. The Library is pictured above. The plates features a transfer printed in blue on a 10.25 inch diameter plate. Each with a fruit and flower border. Approximately 5,000 sets were produced.

The set was later reproduced in 1941 in red as well as blue and again reissued in 1952. Though not the same, both of these sets were similar to the original 1927 set with some minor changes. The plates includes various campus buildings including Harvard Business School, Harvard Law School, Holder Hall, Lionel, Harvard Hall and the Medical School, among others.

Columbia University Wedgwood Plates

The plates produced for Columbia University were made in 1932 and include the School of Mines, Columbia College, Russell Hall, College of Physicians, South Hall, the Law School, St. Paul's Chapel, Hamilton Hall, and more.

MIT Wedgwood Plates

The Wedgwood plates produced for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are undated and include the President's House, Dupont Court, the Rogers Building, Baker House and more.

University of Pennsylvania Wedgwood Plates

Wedgwood plates for Penn were also produced in the 1930s and include images of Franklin Field, the Medical School, Bennett Hall, Towne Scientific School, the Entrance to the Dormitories and more.

University of Michigan Wedgwood Plates

Michigan Wedgwood Plates were produced in the late 1930s and image include the Library, the Engineering Arch, the Hospital, Angell Hall, Alumni Memorial Hall, the President's House and more.

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