Army v. Navy Football Program 1955

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Army v. Navy Football Program 1955 in very good condition, some minor discolorations on the cover left side near the spine. Game played at Municipal Stadium, Philadelphia. 160 pages, measures 8 inches x 11 inches. The program is illustrated by Gib Crockett, a sports cartoonist for the Washington Evening Star. He illustrated Army-Navy covers for over forty years (1944-1984). Mr. Crockett often used relatives, friends, and acquaintances as models for the individuals portrayed on the program covers.

This cover features an international flavor and illustrates students in England, France and Canada. The price of the program is listed in Dollars, Francs and Shillings on the front cover.

The cover drawing is a story-board style that shows two couples happy when they receive their tickets; the men getting into an argument during the game; and then both being scolded on the way home by their wives for their conduct.