Army v. Navy Football Program 1968

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Army v. Navy Football Program 1968. 204 page Army Navy Almanac Official Program for game played at JFK Stadium, Philadelphia. In very good condition. The program includes a compendium of current events and facts on football and other sports during the period 1802-1968. A nice picture of Gen. MacArthur from his 1903 graduation is included as is a print from an original negative taken during the first Army-Navy game in 1890. The Army coaching staff this year includes a very young looking Bill Parcells as Defensive Interior coach. The program is illustrated by Gib Crockett, a sports cartoonist for the Washington Evening Star. He illustrated Army-Navy covers for over forty years (1944-1984). Mr. Crockett often used relatives, friends, and acquaintances as models for the individuals portrayed on the program covers. This cover features his daughter as both the young and old woman on the front cover.

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