Famous Ivy League Footballers, Ted Kennedy, Gerald Ford, John Heisman and Pop Warner

7th Mar 2020

Ivy League Football Programs sometimes contain people who are recognizable beyond the world of sport. This 1984 Pennsylvania v. Cornell program features a picture of the late Christopher Reeves (Cornell ’74) as Superman.

Ted Kennedy is pictured in some of the Harvard Programs of 1954 and 1955. Bobby is pictured in Harvard programs from 1946 and 1947

President Gerald Ford, was a Coach of Yale from 1935-1940 and is pictured periodically in those programs.

John Heisman was the coach of Penn 1920 to 1922 and also attended Brown for two years 1891-1892 then he attended Penn.

Glenn (Pop) Warner was a Cornell Guard of the 1890s and would go on to become coach. A good program for the serious collector is the 1921 Penn v. Pittsburgh which has Heisman v. Warner as coaches facing off against each other.