Norman Rockwell Football Programs

7th Mar 2020

Whoever was responsible for producing Dartmouth Football programs in 1981 had class and style. Recent covers have become bland and the schools take the easy way out by simply putting images of players on the cover. The Dartmouth 1981 programs are a different deal. The school reproduced a series of football covers that appeared in the Saturday Evening Post. The Cornell Game is a Normal Rockwell image that appeared in the Post in 1956 showing two baffled players and a goofy referee:

The Dartmouth Princeton game features an adaptation of a Rockwell Post image from 1925 showing two younger players with leather head helmets:

The third (Brown v. Dartmouth) is not a Rockwell illustration but one done by Frances Hunter, which appeared in the Post in 1930. Stylistically he was very similar to Rockwell:

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