Columbia v. Yale Football Program 1880 - Walter Camp

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Original Columbia v. Yale Football Program 1880. Four page foldout program for game played at Hamilton Park near Yale on Wednesday, November 10th, 1880. Measures 4 inches x 5 1/2 inches.

Lists the players for Columbia: Travers, Pupke, Biddon, Jenkins, Wilson, Taylor, Clark, Burton, Henry, Ledoux and Cowles. And also for Yale: Fuller, Beck, Hull, Harding, Lamb, Eaton, Storrs, Badger, Watson, Camp, Bacon, Cuyler, Merrill and Vernon. Among the Yale players is the legendary Walter Camp, known as the "Father of American Football." Camp played as a Half Back in this game. He was the first football coach at both Yale and Stanford. Among the standards still in use today Camp introduced the concept of a snap, the safety, the down system and the points system. Yale would shut out Columbia scoring 13 goals and 5 touchdowns.

The back of the program lists the referee, has a place to enter the scores (unmarked) and has an add for "Rugby and Rubber Foot Balls" at the local drugstore! Needless to say, original programs listing Walker Camp are extremely rare. Aside from some very light foxing or glue residue on the back, the program is in very good to excellent condition.

A true rarity, especially in this condition.

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