Dartmouth v. Harvard Football Program 1968 - Tommy Lee Jones

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Dartmouth v. Harvard Football Program 1968. 80 pages in very good condition. Actor-to-be, Tommy Lee Jones, star of Men in Black, The Fugitive, JFK, No Country for Old Men, Batman Forever, US Marshalls, Coal Miners Daughter and many more including, most recently Lincoln, played football at Harvard College. He wore #61 and played offensive guard. Tommy Lee Jones' entry in the program describes him as 6'1" and 200 pounds. He's listed as a graduate of St. Mark's in Dallas from Midland, Texas. His major was English and his career plans "Undecided." In the photo entry he's named "Tom Jones" though in the roster he's called Tommy Lee Jones.

Includes pictures of players from both teams, period ads and articles about Dartmouth and Harvard.