Dartmouth v. Yale Football Program 1949

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Dartmouth v. Yale Football Program 1949. October 29, 1949. Fantastic cover illustration by W.B. Crocker shows Handsome Dan chasing the Dartmouth Indian. 70 page program published by the Yale Athletic Association. Program measures 8 1/2 inches x 11 1/2 inches.

Features an article on Yale Basketball and a brilliant picture of the Yale Captain Levi Jackson, on the Yale Fence. This large program not only includes a picture of each player, but unusually, includes a thumbnail sketch on each as well. Color center-fold roster in tact, in fine condition. Period ads are interesting, there is one for the "Tide Water Associated Oil Company", known as Tydol or The Flying A Dealer.

Also includes a history of Yale Football from 1872 through 1948 giving the score for every game.