George Washington and The University of Pennsylvania

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George Washington and The University of Pennsylvania by Horace Mather Lippincott, copyright 1916. 46 page hardcover book in very good condition.

The book begins, "Upon a well in the Library of the University of Pennsylvania there hangs a photograph of the diploma given to George Washington in 1783 when he was made a Doctor of Laws." This book tells the story of Washington's interactions with Penn over the years. Among other things, "He was present at Commencement in 1775 and 1782 and while presiding over the Constitutional Convention in 1898 accompanied his hostess, Mrs. Robert Morris, to a reading for charity in College Hall on May 18th. When James Wilson opened the law school, President Washington attended his introductory lecture in College Hall on December 15th, 1790."

Illustrated in color and black & white.

A rare book and a nice look back at an overlooked part of Penn's history.