Georgetown University Halcyon Days Box - Limited Edition

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Georgetown University Halcyon Days Box - Limited Edition of 750. A Beautiful Halcyon Days box showing a view of the campus up on the hill. Inside the box on the lid it says, "Georgetown University 1789-1989," and on the side of the box it says "Bicentennial." On the bottom it says, "In an edition limited to 750, the number of this box is 009." Measures 2 inches long and 1 inch high. The box was produced for the school's bicentennial in 1979. 

 Halcyon Days boxes are made in England and have enjoyed Royal patronage, having been commissioned to produce designs for The Queen Mother, The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh and The Prince of Wales. They were granted royal warrants as the first “Suppliers of Objets d’Art” between 1972 and 1987.

 Distribution of Halcyon Days Enamels is highly selective and is restricted to stores such as Tiffany's and Neiman-Marcus.

 An beautiful and difficult to find piece, would make a very special gift.