Harvard and its Surroundings by Moses King Albertypes 1882

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Harvard and its Surroundings by Moses King privately published in 1882. Fourth (subscriber's) edition, bound in cloth covered boards with gilt and black lettering and beveled edges, and "copiously illustrated with Albertypes and Engravings" and a map. Book was aimed at Harvard students. In good condition with some minor wear. Charles W. Sever. 106 pages, filled with rich text and history of Harvard. Book is also sort of an architectural walking guide to the area and its buildings including their histories. There are very nice Victorian Era advertisements at the beginning and end of the book including for Lewando's French Dye-House, Carpenter Organ, and D.P. Ilsley & Co, the latter of which sold hats, caps and furs.

A really special piece of Harvard memorabilia that would make a great gift.