Harvard v. Yale Football Program 1922

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Harvard v. Yale Football Program 1922, in very good condition, the only issues are the Yale lineup page has come loose, but is still present, and a picture of one player has been neatly cut out. Game played at Yale Bowl. 60 pages. Includes a nice Yale Football History written by the father of american football, Walter Camp. A full picture of each player is included as are the songs and cheers of both Harvard and Yale.

Great Art Deco period advertisements. Fantastic pictures at the back of the program of Tennis Team, Baseball Team, Yale Band, Track Team, etc. Cover illustrated by T. Diedricksen. Diedricksen graduated from Yale in 1918 with a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts. After studying in Paris for two years, Diedricksen became a Professor of Drawings and Graphics at Yale. He taught at Yale for over thirty years and retired a Professor Emeritus.

A 100 year old Harvard-Yale program, and one of the most classic football covers ever produced for a college program.



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