Harvard Yale Regatta Program 1882

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Harvard Yale Regatta Program 1882, in very good condition. A rare, original 140 year old Harvard-Yale Regatta program. The regatta was held on the Thames in New London, CT on June 30, 1882. The program is a simple piece of blue cardboard with details of the meet printed on the front and back. Each of the eight crew members for each team is listed on the rear of the program: the Yale rowers in blue and the Harvard rowers in crimson. The front of the program lists the match details and has advertisements for The Crocker House, Watch Hill House, and Tiffany & Co. The program was meant to be folded in half, but this was has been stored for more than 100 years in a flat position inside of a book.

The program comes with a blue Yale ribbon that was presumably worn by one of the match spectators.

Condition: Overall very good, although the blue ribbon was stored with the program and his discolored the ad page on the front. The back of the program is also quite good with some discoloration on one edge.

Very rare.