Ivy League Standings Board - Hand Made

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A unique, handcrafted, rustic Ivy League conference standings board. Top board says The Ivy League. The following boards include Brown, Penn, Harvard, Columbia, Dartmouth, Cornell, Yale, and Princeton. All writing is stencil painted and the boards are done in each school's colors. The win-loss boards are chalk-board paint, which allows user to update standings. The standings board is assembled using shown cup hooks and screw eyes. Therefore, teams are easily interchangeable in position of standings. Dimensions of the entire standings board are 25 inches (horizontal) x 27.5 inches (vertical). Individual team boards are 17 inches (horizontal) x 2.5 inches (vertical). The Ivy League board is 3.5" x 26". All boards are 0.75 inches thick. The win-loss boards are 5.5 inches (horizontal) x 2.5 inches (vertical). Total weight is about 10 pounds.

A fantastic, unique piece!

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