Judge Magazine March 1930 - Ned Hilton Cover, Dr. Seuss Ad

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March 1930 issue of Judge Magazine. Great Art Deco cover illustration with vibrant colors. 32 pages including many humorous articles, great period advertisements and many hand drawn illustrations. Judge was a weekly magazine published in the United States from 1881 to 1947. There is a Dr. Seuss image inside on pages 29, titled "the Big Game Hunter." There is also an illustration on page 22 by Ellison Hoover. Hoover studies Cleveland School of Art and the Art Students League. He was a syndicated cartoonist for the New York Herald Tribune. He also worked for the Evening World and Newark Evening News.

The designer of the cover illustration was Ned Hilton, a resident of New York City, he was a cartoonist who contributed to the "Saturday Evening Post," "Collier's" and "New Yorker" magazines. In the 1930s, he did cartoons for "Judge Magazine."

A historic magazine.