Princeton v. Yale Football Program 1921

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Yale vs. Princeton original 1921 Official Souvenir Football Program in good condition. 44 pages. The only issues are some minor soiling to the front cover top and a small 1/2 piece is missing top of the cover, left as seen in the image; and the Princeton lineup page has some tears and tatters. Overall still in quite good condition for a 100 year old program.

Filled with vintage photos of each player and a mini bio, including where they were "prepared". The player pictures are fascinating because at the time, pads were just tucked into their uniforms and the helmets were made of leather. Contains a picture of the six male Princeton cheerleaders wearing their sweaters and bow ties that is priceless. This game was played at the Yale Bowl.

Color cover illustration by T. Diedricksen. Diedricksen graduated from Yale in 1918 with a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts. After studying in Paris for two years, Diedricksen became a Professor of Drawings and Graphics at Yale. He taught at Yale for over thirty years and retired a Professor Emeritus.

One of the most classic and iconic program covers of all time.