Princeton v. Yale Football Program 1928

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Princeton v. Yale Football Program 1928 in good condition, some fraying to the cover and the second page which contains advertisements has a rip in it. A beautifully colored cover illustration shows purple and white clouds above Princeton's football stadium and was done by Penrhyn Stanlaws. Stanlaws did illustrations for the Saturday Evening Post and the Ladies' Home Journal. Inside the program are full page black and white illustrations by famous illustrators. One was done by Russell Patterson and another by John Held, Jr. Includes pictures of both Yale and Princeton players. The center fold, listing the rosters from both teams is still present but not attached to the program.The program is full of elegant advertisements for tuxedos, top hats, "flapper" outfits for women including clothe hats, and one for a Isotta Fraschini automobile. Contains an article looking back on the Yale-Princeton game from 50 years earlier. Princeton v. Yale is one of the oldest rivalries in college football, dating back to 1873. Game played at Princeton. The weather for the game was cool and rainy, thus it is difficult to find copies of the program in very good condition.