Reproduction Yale Print - Ladies Fencing Scene - Joseph Tetlow, 1903

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Beautiful reproduction print of a 1903 scene of two young college girls. Above them is the Yale flag in the school's color of blue. The sitting girl is wearing a blue dress and holding her fencing hat. The girl standing is wearing a white blouse and blue skirt in Yale's colors. She is flexing her sword over her head. The colors of the image are vibrant. Measures 9 3/4 inches x 6 1/2 inches. 

The original image this is taken from is from 1903 and was issued as a "premium" card. A common practice at the time was to give out various "cards" or little gifts to entice people to buy your product. Tobacco companies were famous for giving out miniature rugs or little "silks". Joseph Tetlow was a Philadelphia based manufacturer of perfumes and toilet powders. Their most famous products were the Gossamer and Swan Down powders. These cards were given out as premiums with a Gossmer purchase.

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