Stanford v. Dartmouth Football Program 1938

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Stanford v. Dartmouth Football Program 1938 in very good condition. One of the best cover illustrations for a college football program ever.

24 pages program, includes pictures of players from both teams and an article about the Dartmouth-Stanford rivalry. This was the third meetings of the teams, the first was in 1930 in Palo Alto and then they met again in 1931 in a game played at Harvard.

The cover illustration was done by William Haines Hall, an illustrator who lived in the Bay Area. It shows a Dartmouth fan arriving in Palo Alto wearing a heavy winter coat and a Dartmouth tie with large suitcases. He is meeting his dainty girlfriend who is wearing a summery white dress, white gloves, and a big Stanford button. The contrast is not only among two different fans, but also between the cold east coaster and the bright, beautiful west coast girl. It is one of the best college football covers of all time. Notice in the background of the image a sleek train the student disembarked from. Hall moved to San Francisco from Missouri in 1925 and enrolled at the California School of Fine Arts. He then worked as a fashion illustrator for a local newspaper before establishing a commercial art studio and working for the advertising firm of Patterson & Sullivan, later named Patterson & Hall, where he was a partner.  He was a member of the Bohemian Club in San Francisco, a club for artists, writers, and journalists. He was also a member of the Thirteen Watercolorists, an art group based in Oakland. Among the clients of his advertising firm were Stanford University. He was at the vanguard of what would become known as the "California Style," of art and his work blended the traditional distinction between commercial art and fine art. Hall did five other Stanford football covers, mostly in the 1950s.

A rare, gem of a program.