The Story of Princeton (1917)

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The Story of Princeton by Edwin M. Norris and Illustrated from Drawings of Lester G. Hornby. Published 1917 by Little, Brown in very good condition. There are 6 chapters in this book: Preface Chapter I: When We Lived Under the King Chapter II: Princeton's Part in the Making of the Nation Chapter III: The Reign of Terror Chapter IV: Depression and Reconstruction Chapter V: The Great Awakening Chapter VI: The University Index There are also Illustrations throughout the book: -The Main Entrance to the Graduate College -Nassau Hall -Marquand Chapel -Lower Pyne -Murray-Dodge Hall -The University Library -Blair Hall -Little Hall -The School of Science -The Fitz Randolph Gateway -President's Row -Holder Hall and Tower -In the Great Hall of the Graduate College -The Cleveland Memorial Tower -The Gymnasium -University Boat House. 

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