University California Berkeley 1928 Yearbook Blue and Gold - Olympic Gold Medal Crew Team

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University California Berkeley 1928 Yearbook Blue and Gold. A large and heavy book, 575 pages. Published by the Associated Students of the University of California. Contains chapters on the Administration, Classes, California, Activities, Women's Affairs, Athletics, Organizations and Campus Echoes. Contains a black and white picture of all graduating students with their major and the club affiliations and sports activities. Chocked full of vintage black and white images of the campus and activities and sports.

Of all the sporting activities football, baseball, track and crew got the most coverage in the 1928 Blue and Gold. A full page is dedicated to each football game with four pictures accompanying each.

The program has extensive pictures of each of the members of the 1928 crew team, which was a historic one, winning the Olympic gold medal for the men's eight in Amsterdam. At the time, rather than selecting a mixed team of athletes from across the country, the best university crew teams competed and Cal Berkeley's team was the best. The 1928 crew was also the first one to beat their arch-rival Washington at home. 60,000 fans turned out in Berkeley to greet the victorious crew team upon their return from the Olympics.