University of Pennsylvania Bicentennial Wedgwood Plate Class of '93 Gateway

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University of Pennsylvania Wedgwood Plate produced in 1940 to celebrate Penn's Bicentennial. The plate is titled "Class of '93 Gateway" and was drawn by Grant M. Simon (Penn '11). The plate measures 10 3/8 inches in diameter and has the Wedgwood, Etruria, England stamp on the rear. In good condition with no chips, cracks or crazing, although some minor soiling around the outside of the image.

The Class of 1893 gateway was designed in 1900 by two members of the Class of 1893: Elliston Perot Bissell and William Charles Hays. The Class of ’93 Gateway, located at 3400 Spruce Street, was modeled after Cope and Stewardson‘s Gate on Hamilton Walk. The Class of ’93 Gateway is inscribed with a phrase in Latin which translates to, “We shall find a way, or we shall make one.”

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