University of Pennsylvania Yearbook (The Record) 1930

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University of Pennsylvania Yearbook (The Record) 1930. Hardcover book in very good condition. 424 pages, published by the University of Pennsylvania. The yearbook is full of beautiful Art Deco illustrations which serve as chapter dividers; some of them are in color and are spectacular. There are also nice pictures of ivy covered buildings on the Penn campus. 

There is a black and white pictures of every graduate (all men), along with a brief bio and their club affiliations. There is then a rundown of each club and association with a group picture of all the members. This includes the Arts Association, The Wharton Association, the Christian Association, the Newman Club, Luzerne County Club, the Travel Association, The Scales Society (musical) and the National Society of Scabbard and Blade (looks like an R.O.T.C. unit). Also contains an index of all the fraternities with a group picture of their members.

There is a big section on Athletics with a picture of each varsity team including Water Polo, Tennis, Swimming, Squash, Lacrosse, Golf, Fencing, Boxing, Crew, Baseball, Track, Soccer, and Football.

A fabulous Art Deco relic of the Red and Blue!