Vintage Framed Print - Collegiate Women Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Penn

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Beautiful framed images of early 20th century collegiate women engaged in athletic pursuits. Each framed card depicts two women. The first is Harvard and features crew, the second is Yale with fencing, the third is Princeton with basketball and the last shows two University of Pennsylvania women golfing. Each image has vibrant colors. The images were postcard sized and were done by Joseph Tetlow. This represents the entire set of four that were issued and they have been thoughtfully framed. The frame measures 23 inches by 10 inches. Each image is 5 inches by 3 1/2 inches. The frame is in good condition, except for one small blemish on the left side as seen in the image. The images of the women are crisp and perfect.

These cards were designed by Joseph Tetlow and were originally issued as a "premiums" in 1903. A common practice at the time was to give out various "cards" or little gifts to entice people to buy your product. Tobacco companies were famous for giving out miniature rugs or little "silks." Joseph Tetlow was a Philadelphia based manufacturer of perfumes and toilet powders. Their most famous products were the Gossamer and Swan Down powders. These cards were given out as premiums with a Gossmer purchase.

A rare collegiate collectible!