Vintage Original Stanford University Street Sign - Alturas Drive

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Original Stanford University vintage medal street sign. The sign measures 30 inches by 6 inches and is for "Alturas Dr." The sign was acquired when the university swapped out all its street signs 30+ years ago. It is a unique and rare item. Condition is as you would expect for a vintage street sign with usual wear and a bit of rust but in great shape overall. Not a reproduction. The name of the street is in raised black lettering. 

According to Richard W. Cottle's 2005 work produced for the University titled, Stanford Street Names, Alturas Drive was a short road connecting the western end of Gerona Road to what now Campus Drive East (formerly Mayfield Avenue). Today, Alturas Drive is a short section of Gerona Road that gives access to the beautiful cul-de-sac, El Escarpado. The name Alturas comes from the Spanish word for "heights."