You Can Always Tell A Harvard Man

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You Can Always Tell A Harvard Man by Richard Bissell. McGraw Hill, New York, 1962. Hard Cover. Very Good condition dust jacket. 282 pages. He has written a book which trims the ivy and chips the ivory from the hallowed halls of that bedrock of learning and hotbed of candidates. Mr. Bissell offers sacred cows poor pasture, revealing everything there is to reveal about Harvard: Harvard football, Harvard eating, Harvard riots, Harvard Roosevelts, Harvard Kennedys, Harvard accents-and Yale. The author rides roughshod as well as barefooted through The Crimson Line in a way which will cause old grads to turn purplish green, and non-grads to mutter with astonishment. The book abounds in fine anecdote, completely inconsequential fact, an extraordinary account of the days when Harvard's assets included payments in Indian wampum, a dizzying appraisal of ancient regulations and what became of them, a very peculiar discussion of the football team, a serious look at the student newspaper, menus past and present (and riots they caused), some copious special material for Yale men, and a great many astonishing footnotes.